Kids Love Jesus Too Album PicAnticipated Release Date: January 1, 2017
Label: Purest Praise Series/children’s div. of Reaching Records
Executive Producers: Thomas Dawson, Jr., John Redmon
Songwriters: John Redmon, Philip Nicholas, Kurt Kaiser, Robert Durant, John Peters, Fanny J. Crosby
Featuring: Springs Adventist Academy, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church Children’s Choir, Sunrise United Methodist Church Children’s Choir, Colorado Springs Conservatory Children’s Chorale, St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church Children’s Choir, Oakwood Academy Children’s Choir, Fresh Start Baptist Church Children’s Choir, One Accord, Eddison Cooper, John Redmon, Jonathan Caban, Toje Agee Woods, Katie Reeves, Theresa Morton, Phil & Brenda Nicholas, Tina Lewis-Glenn 

Genre: Children’s Music


HEYYYY KIDS! You’ve found us!! Welcome to the Kids Love Jesus Too Official Website! This is where kids from all over the world can share their stories about their love for Jesus through songs, scriptures and stories. Yeah, we like stories.

The Kids Love Jesus Too Movement was kicked off by the Kids Love Jesus Too music project produced by Mr. Thomas Dawson, Jr. and  John Redmon on the Purest Praise Series which is a division of Reaching Records.

So enough about that grown up stuff, let’s watch the promo video for the album and check out what else this site has to offer.