Hide Thy Word In My Heart

Hide Thy Word (In My Heart) Lyrics
(John Redmon)

[From the album Kids Love Jesus Too] [Hide Thy Word Sheet Music]

(Verse 1)
You’ve told me in Your word
You’d be with me until the end of time
You’ve told me You’d be there by my side

Hide Thy word in my heart
May it never be moved
May I never forget
What You’ve done for me
Hide Thy word in my heart
May it be hidden there forever
Hide Thy word
Hide Thy word in my heart

(Verse 2)
You’ve told me to make a joyful noise unto You
You’ve showed me that You’ve loved me in so many ways
You’ve found me when I was lost
And touched my eyes so that I could see
Just help me hide Thy word in my heart
(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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