I Can Do All Things

(Written by Philip Nicholas, Robert Durant)

[From the album Kids Love Jesus Too][I Can Do All Things Sheet Music]

I can do all things through Christ
Who strengtheneth me yeah me
There’s nothing more I want to be
Than to be what He wants for me
Anyplace or anywhere I go
I can go with this in mind
My God is there beside me
And He’s there with me all the time

(Verse I)
It’s no new revelation
To tell you that life can be rough at times
I’ve been through situations that have tried my very mind
But there’s one thing I’ve learned
No matter what the problem may be
Greater is He who is living inside of me
So I can do…
(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
In times like these when our morales have gone astray
And nobody seems to know just what is the right way
So I’ll put on the whole armor of God
Stand in this evil day
And with the help of the Lord
I’ll overcome anyway
So I can do…
(Repeat Chorus)

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