Ten (The Counting Song)

TEN Lyrics
(Written by John Redmon)

[From the album Kids Love Jesus Too]

(Yes) got some rules for you to follow
(So you) just may have a bright tomorrow
(Wanna make sure) you all can clearly see
So gather a-round me
(You really need to know) how much daddy really loves ya
(These simple little rules) are really truly gonna show ya
What it really means to be
To be totally happy

(One) Never bite the hands that feed ya
(Two) There’s always someone that needs ya
(Three) Never forget this truth that you are royalty
(Four) Go ahead and break out in song
(Five) Always admit when you’re wrong
(Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten) Are keys to make you win
(Six) Keep your head up high
(Seven) Remember God is up in the sky
(Eight) He’s always watchin over you so never forget to pray
(Nine) Remember that I am yours
(And you’ll) You’ll always be mine
(And ten) Always dare to dream your dreams
And love your enemies like your friends.
(Sax interlude)
(Ha ha…ha ha ha)

One, Two,
One, Two, Three, Four,
Four, Five,
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Copyright John P. Redmon Music (ASCAP)/adm. by Reaching Records (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used By Permission.