Lesson 1 – Lord Teach Us How To Pray

  • Luke 11:1 – We address the Father as our Heavenly Father because He is our Father above all fathers. Holy is His name. We pray to Him as a Father because a father loves His children, provides, and protects them as well.
  • Luke 11: 5- 13 – When we request things of our earthly friends and loved ones, they may not want to help us initially because of the position they may be placed in by helping. However, our persistence will move them if they are in a position to help. How much more will our heavenly Father hear and answer us (if we ask Him). The people on earth possess an evil nature, but our heavenly Father has no evil within Him. He loves us with a love that we couldn’t possibly have for one another without Him living inside of us.
  • Matthew 6:32,33 – Our heavenly Father already knows that we have needs. By seeking first His kingdom of God (instead of seeking help from our sisters and brothers, our children, or any earthly being) and His righteousness (meaning right standing with God…or simply doing the right thing), the word of God promises that ALL (not some) of these things shall be added unto you.