Lesson 4 – Forgiveness

  • Psalm 86: 3-5 – Lord I cry all the time because of some guilt that I’m holding on to, the suffering I’ve caused, my pain, my shame. I know that you are able to forgive, I need to be forgiven. Are you ready to forgive me?
  • 1 John 1:9 – What must I do to be forgiven? What must I say?
  • Matthew 6:7-13 – Why do you think Jesus included forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors in the prayer (v. 12)?
  • Matthew 6:14-15 – According to v.15, can I truly be forgiven by God for all the wrong I’ve done if I am still mad and holding a grudge on someone who mistreated me, or lied on me, or just did me wrong? Can I expect God to give me a clean slate and a new heart if I refuse to forgive others and refuse to give them a clean slate?
  • Matthew 5:23, 24 – If I know that someone is mad at me for some reason, even though I might not even know why, what does Jesus want me to do?
  • Matthew 18:23-35 – How much did this servant owe the king? What did the king have that the servant didn’t have according to v.27?

How much did the fellowservant owe the servant according to v. 28? What should the servant have done to his fellowservant? Why? 

What happened when the king found out that his servant didn’t treat his fellowservant with compassion and mercy like he treated him? What lesson does Jesus want to us to learn from this according to v. 35?